Portrait Types

Home Studio Setup

Our Professional yet portable studio Equipment can be set up right at your own home. We do not have a studio so can keep our costs down by not paying for overheads on an additional building.

Also, create your own event and share the costs out between a group of people.

Home Studio Setup

You do not have to leave your house we come to you, where you are comfortable and relaxed in your own home. We set up our equipment using your home setting, where we can get the best shots of you for your photos.

At the end of the shoot a presentation of your photos will be displayed on a laptop and you can then access your photos a week later on our website.

Group Parties for Home Studio Set Up.

A popular suggestion is Group Parties. We can accommodate most requests. If you have a large family or lots of friends you can combine for a large photography gathering. This way, you only pay for one sitting fee. It is also a good chance to catch up with family and friends that you may not get to see often.

When booking the Group Party Home Studio Setup, we will ask the total number of people expected to be there and what group shots you would like to achieve. This will allow us to allocate a longer time frame for your photo shoot, ensuring everyone gets their time in front of the camera. We will extend the 90 minutes where needed with minimal extra cost.

Location Shoot

Why not use Natures Natural Studio, the great out doors.

Instead of either plain white or black backgrounds, we can go out to public parks and capture you with a natural surrounding. Photo shoots of this nature are becoming more and more popular.
Pregnancy Shoot

The time before the baby is born is a time when a parent it proud. Friends and family are helping to get the presents that will assist the Baby once born.

But how about preserving that time with some fantastic images and even adding a little artwork to your photos

This is a great way of getting personalised photos that cannot be re-created in a studio. Get a bit of fresh air whilst taking advantage of the most natural studio; the landscape around you. We can photograph you singularly or in larger groups of people. It also gives you the option of bringing your pets too.

Location For You:

These shoots can take place in any public area such as parks or the seaside. Written consent must be provided from the land owner before the shoot if intending to use private land.

Weather Permitting:

What the weather is doing does depend greately on location shoots as we are working outdoors and many times with little cover. We do advise against shooting when raining or during colder conditions such as Winter. We do break these rules by photographing in snow to bring out different types of photography for you and those wishing to purchase the end products.

Presentation of Photos:

We will display our images after the shoot. You will get to see these images straight as they are shot so if you decide to pull a face when a photo is taken, it will be there for everyone to see at the end. This way, we guarentee that there will be images that you love, and images you would love not to see.

Further Information:

If you do require further in depth information, please contact us as each situation is different and we want the best for your photos.

Newborn and Babies

A baby born is a time of celebrating. From this point, a baby will grow up fast, a little too fast for some.

So freeze time and get some photographs of your new born or in the first years of the childs birth. You can then have photos to show 18 years.

We can capture those moments that make any ones heart melt, of your Newborn or young Baby. Record this special moment of you the proud parents. A baby will grow fast but this moment in time will last forever.

Pregnancy Shoot

The time before the baby is born is a time when a parent it proud. Friends and family are helping to get the presents that will assist the Baby once born.

But how about preserving that time with some fantastic images and even adding a little artwork to your photos.

The time before birth can be a parents most exciting time, waiting for the arrival of a new member to the family. So why not preserve that moment by getting some photos of you, your immediate family and bump together.

Best results for the photographs are usually at the 8 month stage. If you have a Pregnancy shoot, we will also offer a discount on a further sitting with you and your family when baby has arrived.

Pet Photography

We do not just stop at photographing people, why not get your pets involved?

We would rather locational shoots, but can photograph under working studio conditions. No animal is too big or small and you may even want to get in with your pets too for a photo that you can keep for life!

Nothing is too big or small, we welcome all challenges. Your fluffy hamster or relaxing cat, walking the dog or galloping on your horse. We can photograph them all, either on their own or with you. We tend to  take a larger number of shots with this type of shoot, so you have  more choice to view when selecting that perfect image of your pet.

Personal Promotional

Do you have your own single person business or looking to capture yourself with your uniform either in the working environment or get some professional photos for website use and other promotional material. Then this would be ideal for you.

Depending on your line of work, you may be the face of your business. If that is so, why not have some photos of you in your profession, that you can use on your own website, leaflets, newspaper adverts and any other promotional business materials.

You can use your own face or that of your agreeable employees. If necessary we can provide models to act on your behalf or to set up shots, posing as staff, customers or clients. This does come with an additional cost, but allows you to use our photos for all your advertising needs. Please contact us to discuss.