Event Types


Photesque have recently taken on a wedding photographer to open up opportunity for people wishing to marry. Our Expert Photographer: Theresa Mount has many years of experience and concentrates purely on this aspect.

Who and What Do You Get?

You get an experienced and professional Wedding Photographer called Theresa Mount. She has been capturing Weddings for a number of years with all her customers being happy with the results. Along with Theresa, either her partner or another Portrait Photographer will also be in attendance to capture those other moments when everyone is facing forward.

How Long For?

From when the makeup is applied to the last dance, we will be there to capture everything so you have a running reference of your day and a memory of all that happened. We want to bring a smile to your face to add to the many we seen already.

Special Exclusive Products

Wedding Photography requires specialist products. All of these orders are created through a seperate company to bring you high quality items for you to keep.

Our full list will be brought to you soon.


Photesque offer Promotional Photography for anyone who wishes to promote a product, person, event or venue.

What is it you would like to promote?

Personal Promotion

Are you an individual looking to enhance yourself through your line of work? We enhance the image of many professionals from film makers, to Fitness Instructors, to Models.

We recommend that you apply for a Personal Home Studio Shoot where we will spend up to 90 minutes getting the best of you, for you.

We also offer to assist you in a portfolio of your image to bound into a professional looking book to give out to your customers or clients.

Business Boost

Are you a new business in search of an image or are you established and looking to promote yourself with new refreshed images.

We can assist with photography that suits you for Website based photos, down to photos for printed advertisement media including leaflets, banners, business cards and more. We can even produce images that can go on your walls of your shop, sales area or even office.

You do not need to be just an office, we also enhance location businesses such as Bands, Zoo’s and Nature Reserves.

Further Information

Promotional Event Tariffs

For much promotional work we do, we have a small fee to cover costs we occur.

In addition, we do ask to advertise at your event to make people aware of who we are and what we are doing.

Event Stand

Photesque Offer a Photographic Stall for Customers to come in and view just taken photographs and the option to purchase instantly from our stall.. With arrange of different Setup’s to taylor to the need of the events customers, we hope we can offer your Events Customers that something special to take home with them to remember your event.

The Stall

Is your event Outside or Inside? To us, we can work either way around provided we have electric power. Working inside is great but working outside we need to protect our equipment from the elements so we have marquees that make up a 3×3 or a 3×6 metre pitches that we provide.

3×3 Metre Pitch

We use this for instant photos when we have a photographer on site that can go around the entire area.

3×6 Metre Pitch

This set up is used when we can turn our marquee into a mini studio, where we will have a background set up and can photograph and sell instant portraits.


With more freedom indoors, we can do either set up without the fear of our customers getting windswept.

Our Customers: Your Visitors

Our customers are your visitors and we want to give them something that they can take back and remember your event by. We sell photographs in the form of Mounted 6×8″ Photos, and also Keyrings. Coming soon also, we will be offering Acrylic Panels and everything will be made on site for the customer to take home away with them straight away. We make our customers happy, you have satisfied Visitors who will return on your next event.

Have you been Photographed at one of our previous events?

Customer Gallery Recent Events

If you have been photographed by a member of the Photesque Team, then it is likely your photo will be in one of our galleries. The link on the right will take you directly to the Public Events Section, from there, you need to select the event, and the folder that your photo location. Information will be within if you wish to purchase the photo from us.

Private Hire

Are you having a Birthday or Anniversary Party? Is your After School Club organising a memorable event, Do you just need a photographer to attend your event that you are celebrating?

What are you Hiring?

Each party of people will be completely different. We cater for all types of hire.

Action and Moment

Mainly for the parties like Birthdays and Anniversaries where shots will be expressions and the captured images will be of people enjoying themselves. Images from these can be viewed later on the internet for all party-goers to see.

Controlled Environment

An example of this would be groups and clubs. We can be hired out seasonally for Santa Grotto Meets or Dancing Competitions.

Formal Events

Got a black Tie or Formal Ball coming up. We can assist with our backdrops and Portable Studio Lighting and High Quailty Professional Camera Equipment.

Wheres the Images?

We give the option of either instant viewing or view at your leisure options. You can have either option or both.

Instant Viewing

Images taken can be sent directly to our computer system as soon as they are taken on the camera. They can then be seen on screen and we also give the added option of purchasing images at the time when taken.

Later Viewing

We have the facilities to store the images and then place them onto our Customer Gallery in the oncoming days. We can secure images especially where children are involved so only the people present can view the images and not anyone from the vast numbers who visits the website daily. Images can then be purchased through the website and sent directly to the customer.

Have you been Photographed at one of our previous Events?

Customer Gallery Recent Events

If you have been photographed by a member of the Photesque Team, then it is likely your photo will be in one of our galleries. The link on the right will take you directly to the Public Events Section, from there, you need to select the event, and the folder that your photo location. Information will be within if you wish to purchase the photo from us.

Band Photography

Are you in a band or promoting one? Are you a singer and looking to get more publicity? Do you make music and want to release an album with artwork?

Band Photography Intro.

We have been professionally photographing music events since 2008, capturing shots of Pub Bands, large staged events featuring multiple bands as well as more formal concerts or orchestra’s, endavouring to capture ‘that special moment’ of a live performance.

How do we photograph?

Our shots are aimed to give you the ‘front row’ effect, capturing the feel and mood of the band. We also cover images of the crowd, showing the bands perspective.

We use specialist camera and lenses that take shots in very low light, so we do not have to use flash.

To improve the viewpoint of the shots, we would ask for your permission to access areas that would not normally be available to members of the public.

What is required:

Ability to See:

We do pride ourselves in being able to be low light photographers but we do need to be able to see who we are photographing. In some clubs, there is very little lighting however some forward lighting onto the people playing is important.

Ability to Move:

The smaller the club, we are understandable that space is of premium however the bigger your preformance and crowd, then you would have more people thus needing more space. To get the best of your preformance, we do in actual fact ask to have access to the sides and rear of the stage area and depending on your venue, somewhere at the back or up high looking down. This will then create more impressive photos for you.

Able to Store:

When we turn up to events, we will have expensive equipment of which is needed throughout the entire evening. We require somewhere near and safe to where we are photographing but accessable at anytime during the event itself.